Photographer : Arnold VEBER

About Arnold VEBER (RU)

portrait arnold veber

Born in Moscow 07.12.1991 The starting point in the formation of my life was a trip to a children’s camp in Turkey. My surroundings were only children of wealthy parents, who are not used to limit myself in something.

Once in their society, I strongly felt like uninteresting and unnecessary. With him I had my mother’s soap dish, which became my tool for self-affirmation and a means of communication with the public, which up to that time seemed inaccessible. When I was in grade 11, my mother gave a professional full-frame camera. We decided that it makes sense to me to go on training courses in Cinematography (cameraman faculty). It was necessary to prepare for admission to college, besides, all my peers doing something. I was interviewed with other people’s work and enrolled. At the time of my classmates seemed to me something unattainable. I, in turn, did not want to use the capabilities of their camera. They treated me with obvious irritation, and I felt at ease. After high school, the Film Institute I did not, but other areas for development have not seen. Then a feeling of emptiness that needed to be filled with something. The camera was still on hand, I decided to use it as a means of fighting against boredom. Gradually, it became my main hobby. Six months later, the camera has served me a means of communication. There ambitions. I woke up in the spirit of competition, I wanted to show everyone what I can outdo classmates who once looked down on me. I started the project is 365 days. Per year of continuous shooting I learned soberly assess their strength, I realized that far from being perfect and set the bar high. At the same time, I clearly felt that I do not possess the life experience necessary for meaningful pictures. But as the picture was, first and foremost, a means to combat the emptiness, each time leaving home, I took a camera with him. It became part of me. Eventually, I began to lose interest in the social life. The only thing that kept me for its value remained picture, your level of which I still believed (and still believe) is incredibly far from perfect. This gave strength to move forward, inspired the idea that there is limitless possibilities, infinite. This was the reason to wake up in the morning, leave the house, it’s become a way of life. On his 20th birthday, I engaged in introspection, he realized that photography session pushed me it was my child unnecessary complex, which greatly influenced the formation of my personality and made me what I am. All that I have now appeared, thanks to photographers: the people with whom I talk, a lifestyle that I lead, range of interests and preferences. Now I am trained in the School of Visual Arts in actual school Rodchenko



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