Photographer : Birgit Krippner

About Birgit KRIPPNER (NZ)

Birgit portrait

Birgit Krippner is originally from Linz, Austria and currently lives and works in Wellington, New Zealand. She is a master photographer, who has shot Corporate and Family Portraits, Weddings, Landscapes and Travel images.  Her specialty is in the use of Leica cameras and high speed lenses to capture candid images in natural light without the use of a flash.

Birgit won the Best International Award of photography on the Grape and Wine 2013 (Professional Category) from more than 1500 works from around the world.

Birgit’s images have been exhibited and sold in galleries around the world. And have been featured in the TV3 programme “Nightline” as well as periodicals such as “Metro Magazine”, “BSC News”, Air New Zealand’s “Kia Ora” and “Art Forum.”

As a freelance photographer, she is in demand from both corporate and private clients, as well as providing specialized tuition. Birgit is so respected in her field, that she has been chosen to judge the internationally renowned “I-Shot-It”, The Best Photo Competition.



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