Photographer : Philippe BLAYO

About Philippe

Philippe profil



I took my first artistic steps through writing and music before finding happiness into photography when turning 20. Inspired by movies and reportage, I first covered protests against the first Gulf War and many other protests. I was constantly wandering in the cities looking for adrenaline and living images.
Getting older, my work focus on stories and reportage, but I mainly shoot streets and urban territories. Rather fond of black and white, I redirect my currents projets to colors, trying to reach a more contemporary style.
What I love : living images, direct and frank photographs, proximity to the subject, adrenaline, mystery and solitude of shooting. The impression of living and provide a unique moment.
What I don’t like: crispy and sharp images because life is not so sharp and clear. Techniques and “concepts” that does not resonate enough in my heart
I work in Paris, France. But not as a photographer. I’m just another salary man.
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