From 10 to 14 october, in Le Touquet paris plage, will occur the annual Photo festival (with Ragnar Axelsson by the way…)

Here is the page of the OFF festival.

The aim of this OFF to bring together photographers from all over the world around a federative and interesting (and fun) theme to work on “WE WILL ROCK YOU”

 The choice of Le Touquet Paris-plage was made because of the numerous possibilities the city offer in term of visibility, hotel capacity and it’s central geographic situation between Brussels, London and Paris.

Le Touquet Paris-plage is a great resort from North of France in which you can forgot all issues in minutes. With sports, beach, or unforgettable nights…

It was a pleasure for us to manage the festival there, to “thanks” le Touquet for what it bring us every times.

The airport was also a question of importance.  The open minded and “Photovore” peoples that live in le Touquet are also a great motor for us.

They are numerous to support this festival.
Thanks to all those who decided to join the adventure and help us !

Wish you to see you there and apply for next year !

Shine on !



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